Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hallelujah ! Top Runway Models are getting Older !

At we have for a number of years analysed the excellent FashionTV First Face Countdown which follows each Fashion week season.  Our analysis can be found at our First Face Matrix .

In the Season Spring/Summer 2011, the average age of the Top 10 First Face models was a very scary 18.5 years.  This included three 16 year and two 17 year olds (and one 16 year old was not even a new entry to the Top 10 list).  It looked like the average age would continue to fall to the point that all Top 10 Runway models would be School Children.

Thankfully some common sense has broken out as can be seen from the updated First Face Matrix .  The average age has gradually been rising and in the latest Spring/Summer 2013 season the average age was 22.4 years.  The oldest model was 27 and the youngest 19.

And just as importantly, five of the new entries to the Top 10 were aged 20 or over.  Are we getting to the point that a girl might actually be able to finish their school education before starting a High Fashion modelling career ?

Lets hope that is the case and the crazy days of the fifteen and sixteen year old Runway teenagers is behind us.  Perhaps we are getting to the point that it might even be possible to complete a University degree before starting a High Fashion career ?